Our crouton range is unprecedented. We can provide croutons in any size, ranging from a sprinkle to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, even 24x12x12 and anything in between. In addition to cubes, we also supply a very special home-style crouton. Do you prefer a different kind of oil? No problem. Palm oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil… anything is possible. And we don’t only provide plain flavour. We provide 1200 different flavours. These will certainly include flavours you like.


Soup croutons are available from 6mm to 13mm, varying in degree of oil percentage, structure and salt content. We can also provide a special texture-plus crouton, ideal for the demanding consumer. Furthermore, we also provide a special instant soup crouton.


We can supply salad croutons in various sizes, ranging from 8mm to 24mm, from cubes to authentically shaped croutons, and all these are available in different types of bread structures. We can also supply salad croutons with palm oil (If desired RSPO), sunflower oil (HOSO) and olive oil with a flavour range of over 1200 different flavours, ranging from plain croutons to spicy and sweet croutons. Perhaps we can develop a crouton especially for you.


Sprinkles are specially developed mixes consisting of small pieces of crouton mixed with freeze-dried herbs. They are available in various flavours. These sprinkles are ideal for salads, as pizza toppings and for meals. In addition to these sprinkles, we also have a wide range of bruschetta toast, focaccia fingers and many more choices.